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Karishma Kapoor’s Married Life in trouble?

by admin on July 7, 2010


Karisma Kapoor with Husband Sanjay Kapur

Karisma Kapoor is said to be having serious trouble with her married life.

Though Karisma Kapoor should be very happy these days after she became a mother for the second time recently, it seems she is not in a good mood due to trouble in her married life.

The problems in her married life became apparent when soon after giving birth to second child, Karisma, who lives in Delhi, moved to Mumbai to stay with her mother.

Though, Karisma moved to Mumbai saying she wanted to take rest and spend time with her mother, she could not hide from her mother Babita that relation between Karisma and her husband were going through a tough time.

Babita noticed that though birth of a child should have brought them closer, Karisma and her husband were not spending enough time together and during Karisma’s stay in Mumbai, Karisma’s husband Sanjay was not visiting the city that often and even their talks on the phone were not only few but for a short period of time.

It was then that Babita asked Karisma to call up her husband and sort out her differences with him.

Much to the relief of Babita, the move seemed to have worked. Reports suggest that acting upon her Mother’s suggestion, Karisma had a long chat with her husband and the two have decided to put aside their problems and give their marriage another chance. Sanjay is believed to have told Karisma that he is ready to give more time to her and the kids and will be even take them out for a holiday in days to come.

Problems in her married life is nothing new for Karisma as she has had such differences with her husband even before. Hopefully this time around the solutions are a little different and they bring peace in her married life.

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  • Samy

    sanjay kapur a bad choice. why- bcause he smoked pot hung with americans at a friends party.
    just bcause he is rich does not make him better groom.
    karishma – u cud have waited for a right person . u married on impulse just bcause yr engagement broke with abhi.

  • Kant_20041

    married life of  a person is always disturbed who has done lots of romance out side the marriage

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