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Salman Khan and Asin Married?

by admin on December 23, 2010


Salman Khan and Asin in film Ready

Asin is shocked to get many messages congratulating her on getting married.

The entire South India is buzzing with reports that Bollywood and South Indian film star Asin has got married. Her phone has been ringing non-stop as people have been calling her to congratulate her after the news of her getting married to none else than her co-star and Bollywood actor Salman Khan spread everywhere.

Though initially Asin was very confused with these rumours, because they were actually not true and even denied them, now she has eventually figured out how the news of her marriage with Salman has managed to spread that has made her friends send congratulatory messages and media write about it.

Actually, the news of Asin and Salman’s marriage spread after both of them shot a scene in their upcoming film Ready, where the two were to get married.

Once she came to know about the truth regarding the rumours of her marriage with Salman, Asin had a big laugh on the entire issue. She said, "I’m really enjoying every bit of this wedding joke. I’ve been taking the ‘saat pheras’ in my bridal outfit everyday for a week now and I almost feel married to Salman. They are also saying that my family opposed this marriage.”

Taking a dig at those who raised these rumours, Asin added, “I’ve gone through Malayali, Tamil and Telugu marriages in my films many times, but this is my first Punjabi wedding. I’ve loved every moment of it and even danced at my own sangeet function.”

Though it is surprising, how did a scene from a film was made to look as a real marriage, is not known. Asin is understandably shocked because whoever has spread these rumours ought to know the difference between a film shooting and the reality.

Image Source: NDTV

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