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Shahrukh Khan’s King Sized Van

by admin on May 6, 2009

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan

Ever since the vanity van came and stood outside his bungalow Mannat only a week back, Shahrukh Khan’s new vanity van has probably become as popular as the star himself.

Unlike other vanity vans available, which are said to be 8 to 9 meters long, this one a 14 meter long Volvo, is designed specially for Shahrukh by a designer called Dilip Chabria.

Since it is going to be owned and used personally by Shahrukh himself, you cannot expect it to be an ordinary van anyway. But still, hold your breath as you hear about this new pride possession of King Khan.

The van, which has five full fledge rooms in it, contain a lounge with bar, a gym, an office, a bedroom and a wash room with a shower.

The state of the art van is also said to be equipped by the most modern and updated technological gadgets. Say for example, there is a duel touch screen system buttons, which enable all lights in the van to be used as party lights as well as ordinary lights as per the convenience and liking of the Bollywood star.

Reports suggest that the van also has a hydraulic system installed in it, which enables the user to change its size as per requirement. Those, who have the knowledge about all the features of this van, say that it can easily be termed as a second home for Shahrukh Khan.
Image Source: Bollywood Wallpapers

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