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Ajay Devgan in Koffee with Karan

by admin on January 20, 2011


Ajay Devgan

Ajay Devgn makes an appearance on Koffee With Karan.

Karan Johar managed to do next to impossible when he got Bollywood star Ajay Devgn talking to him on his talk show Coffee With Karan. This was a rare appearance on Television by the Bollywood star, who does not approve of sharing the secrets of his life on a Television chat show.

Even in this case, it took a lot of convincing on part of Karan to get Ajay to talk with him on his talk show but, finally he got his way when Ajay agreed to deviate from his usual policy of avoiding such talk shows and decided to answer questions in front of the camera. Ajay does not like to appear on the Television talk shows because, apart from being a private person that he is, he finds these talk shows irrelevant and boring.

Along with Karan, even Ajay’s wife Kajol had to persuade him and urge him to have a chat with Karan on the show. While Ajay was keen to have his wife besides him, Kajol suggested that since its his first appearance on a chat show in a long time, he should go all alone.

Sources close to both Ajay and Karan point out that the Bollywood actor was extremely nervous before he faced the camera for Coffee with Karan. The host had to spend long hours with the actor in his make-up van for making Ajay feel comfortable to be a part of the show.

The episode of Coffee with Karan with Ajay will be one rare episode where the fans of the actor will get to see him chatting and sharing his deepest secrets in front of the camera. Hopefully Karan has managed to get as much out of him as possible. 

Imaage Source: connect.in

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