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Akbar Khan As Saddam Hussein

by admin on April 30, 2011

Akbar Khan will be seen in the character of Saddam Hussein.

Reports suggest that producer-director Suresh Kohli, who is making a film on former President from Iraq Saddam Hussein called From President to Prisoner, has signed Akbar Khan for the lead role of the former President from Iraq.

Akbar, who has not been seen in a Bollywood film for a very long time, was found fit enough portray the role of the one of the most controversial military ruler of the modern history, after a detailed scrutiny to find an appropriate actor for this purpose. Says Kohli, “When the idea came up to make a film on Saddam Hussein, I kept Akbar Khan’s photo next to Saddam’s and everyone agreed and said that he would be the best person suited for this role. And, now that Akbar has also agreed, we are working the logistics to start and launch this film.”

Akbar Khan is also looking forward to portraying the role of Saddam Hussein in From President to Prisoner. He said, “It’s a very challenging role for me. The opinion of the world on Saddam Hussein is divided into two parts. For half the world he was a hero whereas for the other half he was a villain. I am looking forward to playing this role.”

Now that the producer director has decided who will play Saddam Hussein, the film will go on the floor in September this year.

Though there is no surety that making a film on controversial people from the history like Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein result in a hit, but From President to Prisoner is surely going to generate a great interest among Bollywood fans.

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