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Karan Johar to Get Married?

by admin on March 31, 2011

Karan-Johar-with- fiancée-Vandana-Melwani

Karan Johar with ( fiancée?) Vandana Melwani

Karan Johar is all set to get married very soon with Vandana Melwani.

If reports are to be believed, Bollywood director Karan Johar is to find a life partner and settle down in life very soon with Vandana Melwani.

The news of Karan’s marriage is big because till now the director has run away from the word marriage. If sources are to be believed, Karan better half will be the daughter of a family friend from New York.

Whether it was relating to the shooting of his film My Name Is Khan, which was based in USA or otherwise, Karan Johar’s visit to that country have been much too often in the past. It is believed that the two met and came close to each-other during one of these visits and have been in regular touch ever since.

But interestingly, there is no way to confirm the reports of Karan Johar getting engaged and married. This is because, the only man who could confirm these reports, i.e. Karan Johar himself, has decided not to reveal anything for the time being. When asked, he refused to comment on the issue.

Vandana Melwani is an Economics and English literature graduate. She worked as a management consultant for a short while, Vandana Melwani also holds a degree in management. As far now, Vandana Melwani heads her family’s real estate business in New York.

Karan Johar was filming his movie My Name is Khan in New York. Here he met Vandana Melwani and their love story took off. Karan Johar’s mom Hiroo was accompanied him to too in New York. Here one day Karan Johar’s mom suggested to meet an old family friend’s daughter Vandana Melwani. Karan Johar knew why his mom waned to meet this girl. He was dreading this encounter but couldn’t dishearten his mother. He thought of having a quick dinner with Vandana Melwani.

So he went to have dinner with Vandana. When she came and started having conversation with Karan Johar, he was completely bowled over by her. Vandana has beauty with brains. She is not only gorgeous but witty and intelligent too. She was not in awe of Karan Johar’s star status.

Karan Johar’s marriage is long overdue. May be this time he will finally get married.

Image Source: India’s Web-Face

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