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Karishma Kapoor Heading For a Divorce?

by admin on December 10, 2010


Karishma Kapoor

Karisma Kapoor’s marital life seems to face troubled water. But time it seems that Karishma had enough. She is not in the mood for a reconciliation. She is considering separation and divorce from husband Sanjay Kapoor. She is not going to put up with his play boy image. Like a woman of 21st century she wants her dignity and freedom back. 

A friend of Karishma voices her feelings, "The time has come for Karisma to emerge from a bad marriage. She is terribly distraught and very stressed. She has virtually become a loner. If she has not yet filed it yet, it would be any moment now."

Recently, it is being said that Sanjay Kapoor is having an affair with the ex-wife a wealthy hotelier who is based in New York. This is not the first time that Sanjay Kapoor is breaking his marriage vows. He was never the faithful one. A source reveals, "Even when Karisma was pregnant with her second child, Sanjay was in the company of some girl. After she delivered her second baby, a son, he started getting cozy with a Delhi socialite. Karisma is undergoing hell. She has given so much to this relationship. She reconciled with Sanjay hoping that he would mend his ways."

When Karisma delivered her first baby that time too Sanjay was having an affair with someone and matter was in the court over the custody of the child. Sanjay alleged that Karishma was trying to take the baby girl out of India without the father’s permission. But court ordered them to sort out their differences amicably and they did. But for for a long time. People near to the actress said that Sanjay was romancing while she was pregnant with their second baby.

Sunjay and Karisma got married in September 2003. Karishma left a flourishing career for marital bliss. But it seems every couple cant live happily ever after.

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