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by admin on April 15, 2009

Salman Khan And his lucky blue sapphire bracelet

Salman Khan and his lucky blue sapphire bracelet

It is a well-known fact that celebrity status, which the Bollywood stars carry with themselves also brings certain amount of liability with it since this is all a part of the bigger baggage. One of the liabilities is that once they get there, the stars are quite nervous of loosing their star status and would do anything to save it. If you have a closer look, to avoid such a possibility, all successful people, including Bollywood stars are quite particular about what click for them and have some lucky charm, which they always like to keep with themselves. This obviously makes them superstitious.

The latest addition to this list is none other than Salman Khan. With many of his films off late falling flat at the box office, Salman is ready to do anything to revive his sinking fortune and career. It seems that whereas his acting skills haven’t helped him to give any push to his career, Salman is hopeful that his blue sapphire bracelet, which he has never taken off in his real or reel life, will do the trick.

In fact, Salman Khan is believed to be so confident about his blue sapphire bracelet that the first promos of his next film Wanted Dead Or Alive, he has asked his producer to focus exclusively on his bracelet. So, the first promo of Wanted Dead Or Alive, which you will see, will only feature Salman’s hand with his blue sapphire bracelet on it. Salman, who strongly believes in the luck factor, feels that the bracelet is going to change his fortune.

Hopefully that is true Sallu baby. But, if you take our advise, there is a better way to attain your goal. Sign good films and act well.
Image Source: Salman Khan Blog

  • sameer khan

    dear salman were did you buy the this thing from I want one to..

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  • http://www.yahoo.co.uk Amer

    I got one made just like his. Silver bracelet in Firoza stone. Approx 20mm size is ideal. cost me around £70.

  • Amer

    I just got one more Salman khan bracelet gifted by my g/f from Pakistan. Nyc royal blue stone.

  • monish Ali


  • tim

    hye amer do u knw any shops in uk where i cn buy like this bracelete. soo bro let me knw by emailin me. timorfarid@hotmail.com

  • Amer


    This design bracelet is not a ready made thing which u will see in local jewllers shop. You have to purchase the stone, then get some1 to fit it for you in the bracelet. Its not easy, the most hard bit is finding the right quality ,cut, size , and color stone.

  • Amer

    Tim?. Did you manage to find the stone for your bracelet?.. Just to update you. I’ve ordered another Firoza Bracelet hopefully my wife will bring it for me,lol…

  • Asma

    Oh yeh…. u really like this bracelet. .. good luck amer.

  • Rajinder

    Amer where can i find this bracelet from???..
    can you email me @ ferrari355_426@hotmail.com


  • Danny

    What up with this bracelet.. whats so good about it?

  • Saima Aslam

    Amer whats your number?
    I saw your profile on facebook… You are a really sweet person. I hope your not in a realtionship with any1.
    Whats all this you posted about bracelet????

  • Masoom

    Ahmed Deedat wore this braclet with a debate is the Bible Gods Word back in the 90’s.

  • http://google wasim

    i want this bracelet can u plz tell me where can i buy this bracelet

  • http://google wasim

    i want this bracelet can u plz tell me where can i buy this bracelet wasimraza_6@yahoo.com

  • monish Ali


  • Shakil Miah

    buy it on ebay, this guy in leicester selling it, i want one but not sure if the stone is real or not. gona go have a look next week to see if its real as i need it for the benefit of the stone. if you wana know more u can email me, shakz.m@hotmail.co.uk

  • PQ

    hey can u plz tell me where you got ur bracelet made coz i reli wana giv it as a gift for my bf plz mail me and let me know thank u so much.

  • Asyraf khan

    i want too,where can i buy it??

  • Amer

    Saima, im married..Leave me alone

  • Rockycat45

    chacho banwa la?pagal ha?paisa sa her chez ban jati ha?allah bacha tum jasa pakistani logoin sa.

  • mdm_india

    i dont think the stone is blue sapphire. it seems to be turquoise only.

  • Only1amer

    If i tell you the place where I got my made from,you will have to make a visit to my City. Its a small Jeweller who makes these bracelets like Salman. He is not based on the NET. Hope this helps. Amer

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