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Salman Khan Was Chased In Hyderabad

by admin on February 27, 2013

Salman Khan was chased by bikers.

Salman Khan was chased by around 20 bikers as he was on his way to hotel after watching a CCL match between Mumbai Heroes and Telgu Warriors at the Lal Bahadur Shastri stadium in Hyderabad.

Salman is a big star from the Hindi film world and wherever he goes, his fans are ready to do anything to get his one glimpse. The scene was no difference at this stadium after Salman walked out once the match got over. Though police had made arrangements to control the crowd and the traffic as Salman walked out of the stadium, no such arrangements were made on the way from the stadium to the hotel, where he was putting up. The chasers took advantage of this very fact.

Reports suggest that the trouble started when a group of people on around 20 bikes, not only chased Salman but came extremely close to his car. They even knocked at the car’s window.

Sources say that Salman was very upset with the way his car was chased and feared that it could have led to a serious accident.

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