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Vidya Balan and Imran to Work Together

by admin on March 18, 2011


Vidya Balan

Director Milan Luthria will organize a dinner to introduce Vidya Balan to Emraan Hashmi.

In the world of Bollywood where apart from working together in films, the stars also meet at various parties and other events, it is rather strange that two big stars from the industry, Vidya Balan to Emraan Hashmi do no t know each-other and had never met formally. The two stars, who are going to be the lead pair of Director Milan Luthria’s next film, will be introduced to one another by the director, when he organizes a special dinner for both of them at his residence.

The script of the film Milan is working on requires the lead pair of his film to have a real good on-screen chemistry between then. While the director wants Vidya and Emraan to look like fiends, he had no idea how that will happen when the two don’t even know each-other properly. Whereas both are said to be keen on sharing the screen, the director feels that their being near strangers may not work well for the film called Dirty Pictures.

Speaking about why he is organizing this special dinner to introduce Vidya and Emraan, Milan said, “Vidya plays the character of an actress while Emraan a filmmaker. Their relation is extremely volatile and they are at loggerheads in the film. They are on opposite sides morally and can’t stand each other, but still get attracted towards each other. I felt that to be able to portray such intensity roles on screen both needed to interact with each other in advance so that they do not appear awkward on screen.”

Milan says that since he believes in keeping his personal and professional life apart, he does not invite too many people from the industry to his home. But this case is entirely different as it is to help his film.

Milan must be hoping that after this introduction, Vidya and Emraan get along well with each-other and he makes a good movie.
Image Source: Zimbio

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