Vidya Balan Playing The Role Of A Pregnant Woman


Vidya Balan

After getting critical acclaim for her movie ‘Dirty Picture‘, Vidya Balan is now taking on the character of a pregnant woman with ease in her next forthcoming film Kahaani.. Viday Balan says she had no problem portraying a pregnant woman.

Though after the grand success of The Dirty Picture, everyone feels that Vidya Balan can play a character of a glamorous woman with complete ease, but the truth is that apart from playing such a character with ease, Vidya Balan is an expert in playing the character of a pregnant woman.

Vidya Balan, who is right now busy promoting her next film Kahaani, in which she has a role of a pregnant woman, has no problem in playing such a character. Just like it was the case in Paa, where she played the character of the mother of mega star Amitabh Bachchan, Vidya Balan is completely comfortable playing a pregnant woman.
She said, “Playing the character of a pregnant woman was not tough at all. During our college days, we all friends used to do all the nautankis and these stand-up items. And my favourite role at that time would always be of a pregnant woman. So the walk and all came very naturally to me.”

It seems pregnancy is an important aspect of Vidya Balan’s character in Kahaani. No wonder then that while she appeared in the most glamorous get-ups at the time of promoting The Dirty Picture, now as Vidya Balan promotes Kahaani, she is appearing in the get-up of a pregnant woman.

Vidya Balan would have never thought that playing the character of a pregnant woman in college would help her so much at the later stages of her life. But, now she should take full advantage of the fact that she has complete supremacy over doing character of a pregnant woman and has no problem portraying such roles. Hope Vidya Balan again gets the critical acclaim and professional success.
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