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Agent Vinod : Movie Reveiw

by admin on March 26, 2012

Star Cast of Agent Vinod: Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Prem Chopra, Ram Kapoor, Anshuman Singh, Shahbaz Khan, Gulshan Grover, Maryam Zakaria, Adil Hussain, Mallika Haydon, Dhritiman Chaterji, Ravi Kishan, Babu Antony

Director: Sriram Raghavan
Producer: Saif Ali Khan
Music Director: Pritam Chakraborty
Singers: Neeraj Shridhar, Shreya Ghoshal, Aditi Singh Sharma, Shefali Alvares, Amitabh Bhattacharya, Joy, Nandini Shrikar, Mika Singh
Shadaab Faridi

Bollywood is known to go by trends and the trends in the recent past have not seen a movie, where the lead actor of the film is a detective or a secret agent. Keeping this in mind, one can say that by making Agent Vinod, Saif Ali Khan, the producer of the film has taken some risk. The risk is even greater when you also take into account the fact that even the few films made in Bollywood right from the days of early 1970s where the hero of the film is a secret agent, have not been able to attract too many audiences to the theatres.

But, despite this diminishing past record of movies with secret agent as the lead character, what works in favor of Agent Vinod is the fact that none of the movies in the past four decades, whose story was based on the character of a secret agent, were made on such a large scale as this one. This is the first secret agent film, which has both the style and the substance to make it big.

The story of Agent Vinod beings with a secret agent Rajan (Ravi Kishen) informing his bosses in Indian government establishment about a number 242. Since he dies without telling anything more, the Indian authorities appoint one of their top detectives Agent Vinod (Saif Ali Khan) to find the secret behind the number. Vinod gets to the man named Abu Nazar [Ram Kapoor], a Russian money launderer, who was working against Indian interest. Vinod finds out about an underworld man in Moscow named Mafiosi Kazan [Prem Chopra], who is interested in an auction and wants to buy item number 242. Mafiosi also has a mysterious Dr Ruby [Kareena Kapoor]. Again, before Agent Vinod can find out what Mafiosi is up to, he gets killed. Agent Vinod travel around the world and finds out that the item number 242 is in Pakistan. Agent Vinod and Ruby reach Pakistan to find out that Pakistan’s establishment is trying to execute a nuclear bomb explosion in Delhi during 2010 Commonwealth Games. Agent Vinod comes back to Delhi to unfold the plans of agents from Pakistan, who want to destroy the city.

Agent Vinod has shown a realistic detective, who travels across the world to find the enemies of India and does not use any unrealistic gadgets in his venture.

Some of the key features of Agent Vinod are its strong story and screenplay and an excellent direction by Sriram Raghavan. In the past also, Sriram has made films, which require you as audiences to keep your ears, eyes and intellectual capabilities intact, while watching the film. Same goes for Agent Vinod. The story writers and the director have also ensured that they provide an Indian touch to the film and it does not look like an unsuccessful copy of any Hollywood film. They have also included some humor into this story of a detective, which looks good on screen.

The music of the film by Pritam is excellent. The songs are not only catchy but blend well into the main storyline of Agent Vinod. The cinematography and the action of the film are also very good. The only drawback of the film is the editing, which has made the film slow in certain parts.

Saif has understood his character in the film fairly well. Apart from his acting, his dialogue delivery in the film is excellent. He is just perfect in the film. Kareena is equally good in the film. She has an important role in the film and Kareena does complete justice to it.

Apart from the lead pair, Prem Chopra, Dhritiman Chatterjee, Adil Hussain, Gulshan Grover, Zakir Hussain, Shahbaaz Khan and Ram Kapoor do complete justice to their respective characters in Agent Vinod. The two actors, who have not got complete opportunity to showcase their talent in the film, are Zakir Hussain and Ravi Kishen and the culprit behind their failure is the length of their roles, which are rather small.

If Saif wanted to make an Indian version of James Bond with Agent Vinod, he has been successful in what he wanted to do.

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